Family Naticidae

The family Naticidae are sand dwellers, mostly living in the lagoon, although a number of species can be found in sand pockets on the seaward reef as well. Some will emerge to crawl on the surface at night, but others stay in the sand, burrowing through it and making trails. They are carnivorous, some species drilling through the shells of bivalves or other gastropods. The family has more species at Kwajalein than we have figured here, but there are several for which we do not yet have living animal photos.

Mammilla melanostoma

Mammilla simiae

Natica arachnoidea

Natica cf arachnoidea

Natica cf kawamurai

Naticarius alapapilionis

Naticarius cf concinnus

Naticarius onca

Naticarius orientalis

naticid sp.

Notocochlis cernica

Notocochlis gualtieriana

Polinices mammilla

Tanea areolata

Tectonatica violacea

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