Family Pectinidae

Clam shells in the family Pectinidae (pectens or scallops) that we have seen in the Marshall Islands are figured on these pages. Pectens are generally small clams that with a few exceptions typically live at Kwajalein under rocks. Shells of many species are highly variable in color, so if trying to identify something by this page of thumbnails, select links that appear similar in shape and shell sculpture. The animals bear a row of usually dark or orange-red eyes along the edge of each valve and are sensitive to light. If exposed by turning over a rock they are hiding under, after a few seconds they usually rapidly swim away by flapping their valves. Not all of these identifications are certain. Some of our specimens do not seem to match any figured in references currently available to us, and others have shells so encrusted with sponges and other sessile organisms that their scuplture and color are hard to determine.(Click on a thumbnail for more images and information on that species.)

Anguipecten superbus

Bractechlamys vexillum

Bractechlamys? sp. 1

Bractechlamys? sp. 2

Dentamussium obliteratum

Excellichlamys spectabilis

Gloripallium pallium

Juxtamusium coudeini

Laevichlamys cuneata

Laevichlamys limatula

Laevichlamys wilhelminae

Laevichlamys sp. 1

Laevichlamys? sp. 2

Laevichlamys sp. 3

Laevichlamys sp. 4

Mirapecten mirificus

Mirapecten moluccensis

Mirapecten rastellum

Mirapecten sp. 1

Pascahinnites coruscans

Pectinid sp. 1

Pedum spondyloideum

Semipallium dianae

Semipallium sp. 1

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