Family Trochidae (top shells)

This page links to species in the family Trochidae. The species included in this family have been in flux recently, with several long time members moved out to other families and at least one group formerly considererd a separate family included here as a subfamily. There are a number of other species of Trochidae, many of them small and for which we do not have living animal photos. (Click on a thumbnail for pages with larger images.)

Subfamily Trochinae

Clanculus clanguloides

Clanculus margaritarius

Clanculus samoensis

Trochus maculatus

Trochus ochroleucus

Subfamily Cantharidinae

Jujubinus polychromus

Jujubinus polychromus

Jujubinus sp. 1

Tosatrochus attenuatus

Subfamily Stomatellinae

This was formerly considered the family Stomatellidae but has since been included as a subfamily of Trochidae. These species are highly active snails with a large foot, the tail of which can be released to confuse a predator while the shell makes its escape. The shells and perhaps the animals appear to be higly variable. We have broken out a few Stomatella varieties that seem to be different from the common Stomatella auricula, but which may be simple variations. The other species of the subfamily, all of which we have tentatively placed in the genus Stomatolina, appear to include several different species, but again, they may all be different forms of a few highly variable species.

Stomatella auricula

Stomatella auricula

Stomatella auricula

Stomatella lintricula

Stomatella sp. 1

Stomatella sp. 2

Stomatolina sp. 1

Stomatolina sp. 2

Stomatolina sp. 3

Stomatolina sp. 4

Stomatolina sp. 5

Stomatolina sp. 6

Stomatolina sp. 7

Stomatolina sp. 8

Stomatolina sp. 9

Stomatolina sp. 10

Stomatolina sp. 11

Stomatolina sp. 12

Stomatolina sp. 13

Stomatolina sp. 14

Stomatolina sp. 15

Subfamily Umboniinae

Sericominolia vernicosa

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