Kwajalein Cephalopods

Cephalopoda at Kwajalein includes species of octopus, squid and cuttlefish. Octopus in particular can be difficult to identify, so many of the names we use are tentative, several based on similarities to photos in Humann & DeLoach, 2010. Reef dwelling squid and cuttlefish are known from only a few species. Although we have seen no living Nautilus specimens and they are not known to occur this far east in the Pacific, there is some evidence that they may live in deep water well down the seaward slopes of Marshall Islands atolls.


Abdopus aculeatus

Abdopus sp.1

Abdopus? sp. 2

Abdopus? sp. 3

Amphioctopus marginatus

Amphioctopus siamensis

Macrotritopsis? sp.

Octopus cyanea

Octopus wolfi

Octopus? sp. 1

Octopus? sp. 2

Octopus? sp. 3


Sepioteuthis lessoniana

SEPIOLIDAE - Bobtail Squid

Euprymna berryi


Idiosepius? sp.

SEPIIDAE - Cuttlefish

Sepia bandensis

NAUTILIDAE - Chambered Nautilus

Allonautilus scrobiculatus

Nautilus pompilius

Humann, Paul & Ned DeLoach. 2010. Reef Creature Identification Tropical Pacific. New World Publications, Inc. Jacksonville.

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