Eight of our dive days were scheduled for Tulamben, since we had heard this area was best for nudibranchs. Here we enlisted the services of dive guide Ketut, who came highly recommended from several sources as the best nudibranch spotter on Bali, a description I have no doubt is true. With Ketut, we dove a number of different beaches in the Tulamben area, finding different slugs, plus a lot of other photogenic subjects, in each of them. The Tulamben spots included the reef and slope just off the bow side of the famous Liberty wreck (which we hardly saw, as we were more interested in examining the sand and rubble slopes for nudibranchs), the slope next to the popular Tulamben Dropoff, the reef off the Dive Paradise resort, Seraya and a couple of other sandy slope sites west of Seraya.

The large Gunung Agung volcano rises above Tulamben, the source of the black sand where so many of the macro photo subjects live.

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