Family Bursidae

Members of the family Bursidae are found mostly in rocky habitats in the Marshalls, although a few species are also found in lagoon patches of Halimeda algae on sand. Bursids, also called frog shells, are reported to feed primarily on worms, and indeed we have seen specimens with their very long and agile proboscis stretched into holes in the reef, presumably feeding on burrowing worms. We have also caught specimens in the act of feeding on echinoderms, including brittle stars and sea urchins. The feeding proboscis may also be used in defense; we once watched a specimen of Bursa rosa physically push away a larger predatory Conus textile after the cone had stung the Bursa with its venomous dart. The Bursa escaped.

Bursa bufonia

Bursa condita

Bursa cruentata

Bursa granularis

Bursa lamarckii

cf latitudo

Bursa rhodostoma

Bursa rosa

Bursa tuberosissima

Bursa venustula

Tutufa bubo

Tutufa bufo

Tutufa rubeta

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