Kwajalein Anthias (Serranidae)

We are using Anthias as a general term for species in the Anthiinae within the family Serranidae, which also includes groupers and soapfish. Here at Kwajalein, most Anthias species live out on the seaward reef slope, with some species found only within the deeper ranges of sport diving depths. There are likely other unrecorded species even deeper. Often they form small or large groups sometimes consisting of more than one species, and feed on passing plankton. Many species will dive into holes in the reef when threatened, and in those holes they sleep at night. Most species are sexually dimorphic, with generally a few colorful males mixed in with larger groups of less colorful females. Females can become males if needed. Most Kwaj Anthias are in the genus Pseudanthias, although we have at least one Luzonichthys and one Rabaulichthys.

Luzonichthys sp.

Pseudanthias bartlettorum

Pseudanthias bartlettorum female

Pseudanthias cooperi

Pseudanthias dispar

Pseudanthias dispar female

Pseudanthias pascalus

Pseudanthias pascalus juveniles

Pseudanthias pleurotaenia

Pseudanthias pleurotaenia female

Pseudanthias randalli

Pseudanthias smithvanizi

Pseudanthias ventralis

Pseudanthias ventralis female

cf altipinnus

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