Kwajalein Cardinalfish (Apogonidae)

The cardinalfish is another group we did not spend a lot of time pursuing at Kwajalein. There are numerous species reported from the Marshalls for which we do not have photos. Cardinals are mostly nocturnal plankton feeders, and while some are extremely common and form large conspicuous groups often around reefs during the day, some hide during the day and may therefore be infrequently seen.

Apogon doryssa

Apogon cf indicus

Apogonichthyoides melas

Cheilodipterus artus

Cheilodipterus macrodon

Cheilodipterus quinquelineatus

Fowleria cf vaiulae

Nectamia cf bandanensis

Nectamia fusca

Ostorhinchus cf selas

Ostorhinchus luteus

Ostorhinchus nigrofasciatus

Pristiapogon exostigma

Pristiapogon fraenatus

Pristiapogon kallopterus

Pristiapogon taeniopterus

Pristicon trimaculatus

Rhabdamia gracilis

Siphamia fuscolineata

Siphamia tubifer

Siphamia tubifer

Zapogon evermanni

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