Kwajalein Filefish (Monacanthidae)

Filefish are similar in construction to the triggerfish, although along with a few other differences the first dorsal spine tends to be more slender and elongate. In addition to the species figured on these pages, there are several more known from the Marshalls. While we have seen (but not photographed) a couple of the others, a couple more appear to be rare in the Marshalls and at least one is known here only from a couple of juveniles trawled from a deep sandy lagoon bottom. We hope to add more as we get more photos.

Aluterus monoceros

Aluterus scriptus

Anamses scopas

Brachaluteres taylori

Cantherhines dumerilii

juvenile filefish

Oxymonacanthus longirostris

Paraluteres prionurus

Pervagor? sp.

Pervagor melanocephalus

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