Kwajalein Gobies (Gobiidae)

The family Gobiidae contains many species of usually small fish, often living on or very near the bottom. Many live in burrows in the sand, some of them in burrows built and maintained by symbiotic Alpheid "bulldozer" shrimp. Goby species that are always found with bulldozer shrimp are covered on a different page at Kwajalein Shrimp Gobies. The current page covers species that do not typically have shrimp partners. There are many goby species in the Marshalls for which we do not have photos; they are not covered on these pages. Also, many of these are not easy to identify, especially just from a photograph, so some of the names may need correction.

Amblygobius decussatus

Amblygobius phalaena

Amblygobius phalaena

Asterropteryx cf atripes

Asterropteryx cf ensifera

Bryaninops cf amplus

Bryaninops natans

Bryaninops ridens

Bryaninops yongei

Bryaninops sp. 1

Bryaninops sp. 2

Callogobius sp. 1

Eviota cometa

Eviota cf pellucida

Eviota prasites

Eviota sebreei

Eviota smaragdus

Eviota? sp. 1

Eviota? sp. 2

Eviota? sp. 3

Eviota sp. 4

Eviota sp. 5

Eviota sp. 6

Eviota sp. 7

Eviota sp. 8

Fusigobius duospilus

Fusigobius gracilis

Fusigobius maximus

Fusigobius cf neophytus

Fusigobius signipinnis

Fusigobius sp. 1

Fusigobius sp. 2

Fusigobius sp. 3

Fusigobius sp. 4

Fusigobius sp. 5

Fusigobius sp. 6

Gnatholepis cauerensis

Gobiodon citrinus

Gobiodon okinawae

Gobiodon quinquestrigatus

Istigobius rigilius

Istigobius sp. 1

Istigobius sp. 2

Istigobius sp. 3

Istigobius sp. 4

Istigobius? sp. 5

Koumansetta rainfordi

Paragobiodon echinocephalus

Paragobiodon lacunicolus

Paragobiodon modestus

Pleurosicya coerulea

Pleurosicya cf mossambica

Pleurosicya sp. 1

Pleurosicya sp. 1

Pleurosicya sp. 2

Pleurosicya sp. 4

Trimma benjamini

Trimma caesiura

Trimma cana

Trimma cf milta

Trimma okinawae

Trimma tevegae

Trimma sp. 1

Trimma sp. 2

Trimma sp. 3

Trimmatom sp. 1

Valenciennea parva

Valenciennea parva

Valenciennea sexguttata

Valenciennea puellaris

Valenciennea strigata

goby sp. 1

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