Hawaiian Cypraeidae

The Hawaiian Islands sit on the northeastern edge of the Indo-Pacific realm and are separated by long distances from other tropical islands to the west and south. Because of this, the Hawaiian fauna is unusual, containing a high proportion of endemic species, those found nowhere else in the world. Some common Indo-Pacific species are rare in Hawaii, while some of the endemics are rather common. We do not have living shots of all the Hawaiian species; some we never found in the living state and others we apparently overlooked during our photographic efforts.

Cribrarula gaskoini

Cypraea tigris

Erosaria helvola

Erosaria poraria

Luria isabella

Luria tessellata

Lyncina leviathan

Lyncina lynx

Lyncina schilderorum

Lyncina sulcidentata

Lyncina vitellus

Mauritia maculifera

Mauritia scurra

Monetaria moneta

Nucleolaria granulata

Ovatipsa chinensis

Purpuradusta fimbriata

Pustularia cicercula

Pustularia mauiensis

Staphylaea semiplota

Talostolida latior

Talostolida pellucens

Talostolida rashleighana

Talparia talpa

Other Cypraeidae that live in the Hawaiian Islands, but which are not figured here, include the following. For some, links to photos from the Marshall Islands (MI) are included.

Annepona mariae (MI)
Erosaria beckii (MI)
Erosaria cernica
Erosaria erosa (MI)
Erosaria labrolineata (MI)
Erosaria ostergaardi (live shot on Keoki and Yuko Stender's site)
Lyncina carneola (MI)
Mauritia mauritiana (MI)
Monetaria caputserpentis (MI)
Nucleolaria nucleus (MI)
Talostolida teres (MI)

A couple of other species have been reported, but in numbers so few they may be accidental introductions from shipping.

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