Family Nassariidae

Nassariids, or basket shells, tend to be highly active snails with large animals and which move rapidly. Many bury in sand by day, some simply burying themselves in sand patches and others digging down in sand beneath rocks. At least one seems to live mostly within the mucky sediments inside sunken ships. Most emerge at night to feed, and most species appear to be primarily scavengers. This list contains most of the Marshall Islands species we know of, although a number of the identifications are uncertain. There are also a couple more from this area that we have not personally been able to find and photograph, so they are not included.

Nassarius abyssicolus

cf alfuricus

Nassarius cf cinnamomeus

Nassarius concinnus

Nassarius crematus

cf crenulicostatus

Nassarius cf fuscolineatus

Nassarius gaudiosus

Nassarius glans

Nassarius graniferus

Nassarius oneratus

Nassarius papillosus

Nassarius pauper

Nassarius troendleorum

Nassarius sp. 8

Nassarius sp. 9

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