Seastars of Kwajalein

This page leads to many of the species of seastars we have observed in the Marshalls. The various pages show considerable intraspecific color variation, but are not really intended to be an identification guide. We are not echinoderm experts, and our identifications came mostly from the web and from the references listed at the bottom of this page, not all of which are in agreement as to the species' names. If anyone reading this has better names for the figured animals, we would be happy to hear them at

Acanthaster planci

Aquilonastra anomala

Aquilonastra cepheus

Aquilonastra sp.

Asteropsis carnifera

Astropecten polyacanthus

Bothriaster primigenius

Choriaster granulatus

Cistina columbiae

Culcita novaeguinea

Culcita novaeguinea juvenile

Culcita novaeguinea
smooth form

Echinaster callosus

Echinaster luzonicus

Fromia milleporella

Fromia monilis

Fromia pacifica

Fromia sp.

Fromia sp.

Fromia sp

Gomophia egyptiaca

Leiaster speciosus

Linckia guildingi

Linckia laevigata

Linckia multifora

Linckia? sp.

Mithrodia clavigera

Neoferdina cumingi

Neoferdina sp.

Ophidiaster cribrarius?

Ophidiaster duncani

Ophidiaster hemprichi?

Pentaceraster sp.

Seastar unknown

Thromidia catalai

Valvaster striatus

Seastar unknown juvenile?
Commensal and predatory shrimp

Zenopontonia soror

Hymenocera picta

Each thumbnail links to pages for that species.

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References used for species identification:

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