Kwajalein Angelfish (Pomacanthidae)

This page covers the family Pomacanthidae, or angelfish, from Kwajalein, Marshall Islands. The photos include all the species we have seen at Kwajalein. One additional species that has been reported from the Marshall Islands is Apolemichthys xanthopunctatus reported by Randall et al, 2005. Allen et al, 1998, provide known distribution maps of angels, and three additional species have distributions that could include (or come very close to) the Marshalls: Apolemichthys trimaculatus, Centropyge nigriocella, and Pomacanthus semicirculatus. We have not yet seen these in our travels within the Marshalls, but they are certainly worth watching out for. Finally, we have seen Pomacanthus xanthometapon commonly at Pohnpei, not all that far from the Marshalls in the eastern Caroline Islands, and Randall (2005) notes that Centropyge aurantius occurs in Pohnpei as well. It is possible one or both of these will turn up in the Marshalls if we look long enough.


Apolemichthys griffisi


Centropyge bicolor

Centropyge bispinosa

Centropyge colini

Centropyge fisheri

Centropyge flavissima

Centropyge heraldi

Centropyge cf interrupta

Centropyge loricula

Centropyge multicolor

Centropyge multifasciata

Centropyge vrolikii

Centropyge flavissima X vrolikii hybrid


Genicanthus bellus

Genicanthus bellus

Genicanthus watanabei

Genicanthus watanabei female


Pomacanthus imperator

Pomacanthus imperator


Pygoplites diacanthus

Pygoplites diacanthus juvenile


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