Kwajalein Blennies (Blenniidae)

The blennies tend to be rather small and elongate fish, many of them bottom dwellers but some that swim around up off the bottom. Many species hide well and are rarely seen or only briefly glimpsed outside their holes. There are some species that are primarily shallow intertidal. Consequently, there are many more species in the Marshall Islands than this page covers.

Aspidontus dussumieri

Aspidontus taeniatus

Blenniella chrysospilos

Blenniella paula

Cirripectes polyzona

Cirripectes stigmaticus

Cirripectes variolosus

Entomacrodus striatus

Ecsenius opsifrontalis

Exallias brevis

Glyptoparus delicatulus

Istiblennius edentulus

Meiacanthus atrodorsalis

Petroscirtes mitratus

Petroscirtes xestus

Plagiotremus laudandus

Plagiotremus rhinorhynchos

Plagiotremus tapeinosoma

Salarias fasciatus

Unknown blenny?

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