Kwajalein Jacks (Carangidae)

Jacks tend to be larger, silvery carnivores that are often popular as food fish, although some species can cause ciguatera poisoning. These pages show most of the ones we see while diving, but there are a number of other species we have not seen but which have shown up in the fish market on Majuro.

Alectis ciliaris

Atule mate

Carangoides ferdau

Carangoides orthogrammus

Carangoides plagiotaenia

Caranx ignobilis

Caranx lugubris

Caranx melampygus

Caranx sexfasciatus

Decapterus maruadsi

Elagatis bipinnulata

Gnathanodon speciosus

Scomberoides lysan

Selar crumenophthalmus

Seriola dumerili

Trachinotus baillonii

Trachinotus blochii

Other Carangidae records from the Marshall Islands (links to

Carangoides coeruleopinnatus (Majuro fish market)
Carangoides gymnostethus (Majuro fish market)
Caranx papuensis (Majuro fish market)
Decapterus tabl (Majuro fish market)
Megalaspis cordyla (Majuro fish market)
Seriola rivoliana (Majuro fish market)
Uraspis helvola (Kwajalein video by Brian Greene, as well as Majuro fish market)

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