Family Ranellidae

The family Ranellidae is represented at Kwajalein by several different genera. Most species live in rocky or coral habitats throughout the atoll and they all appear to be carnivores, with different species feeding on starfish, bivalves, gastropods, egg masses, and probably other prey.

Charonia tritonis

Cymatium lotorium

Distorsio anus

Distorsomina pusilla

Gelagna succincta

Gutturnium muricinum

Gyrineum gyrinum

Gyrineum lacunatum

Gyrineum roseum

Monoplex aquatilis

Monoplex comptus

Monoplex gemmatus

Monoplex intermedius

Monoplex mundus

Monoplex nicobaricus

Monoplex pilearis

Ranularia exilis

Ranularia gutturnia

Ranularia pyrum

Ranularia testudinaria

Septa flaveola

Septa hepatica

Septa peasei

Septa rubecula

Turritriton labiosus

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