Marshall Islands Flatworms

These flatworms were all photographed in the Marshalls Islands. We are not flatworm experts and positive identification of species and genera often require detailed examination of the internal anatomy, but the book and CD by Leslie Newman and Lester Cannon (references below) were very helpful in guiding identification of these variable and often colorful animals. Much remains to be learned about them, and many species are likely to still be unnamed.

Acoela flatworms

Acoel sp. 1

Suborder Acotylea

Acotylean sp. 1

Family Cestoplanidae

Family Euryleptidae

Family Planoceridae

Family Pericelidae

Family Prosthiostomidae

Family Pseudocerotidae


Newman, Leslie and Lester Cannon. 2003. Marine Flatworms, The World of Polyclads. CSIRO Publishing, Collingwood, VIC Australia. 97pp.

Newman, Leslie and Lester Cannon. Fabulous Flatworms, A Guide to Marine Polyclads. CSIRO Publishing. CD.

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