Family Mitridae

The family Mitridae is represented by numerous, often common species in the Marshalls, and is one of two families usually referred to as miters (the other being Costellariidae, which will be treated separately). Miters are carnivorous, with some species feeding on other mollusks and others on various groups of worms, including Sipunculids. We do not yet have photos of all species; more will be added when available.


Domiporta carnicolor

Domiporta filaris

Domiporta gloriola

Domiporta granatina

Domiporta praestantissima


Imbricaria conovula

Imbricaria conularis

Imbricaria olivaeformis

Imbricaria punctata

Imbricaria vanikorensis


Mitra acuminata

Mitra assimilis

Mitra aurora

Mitra bellula

Mitra bernhardina

Mitra cardinalis

Mitra chrysalis

Mitra chrysostoma

Mitra cingulata

Mitra coarctata

Mitra coffea

Mitra columbelliformis

Mitra contracta

Mitra coronata

Mitra cucumerina

Mitra decurtata

Mitra deynzeri

Mitra doliolum

Mitra dondani

Mitra edentula

Mitra eremitarum

Mitra fastigium

Mitra ferruginea

Mitra fraga

Mitra fulvescens

Mitra imperialis

Mitra incompta

Mitra kantori

Mitra lienardi

Mitra litterata

Mitra lugubris

Mitra mitra

Mitra multiplicata

Mitra nigricans

Mitra nivea

Mitra papalis

Mitra paupercula

Mitra peculiaris

Mitra pellisserpentis

Mitra petrosa

Mitra pyramis

Mitra rubiginea

Mitra rubritincta

Mitra saltata

Mitra sarinoae

Mitra silviae

Mitra stictica

Mitra telum

Mitra tuberosa

Mitra turgida

Mitra typha

Mitra ustulata

Mitra vultuosa


Neocancilla clathrus

Neocancilla papilio


Pterygia crenulata

Pterygia dactylus

Pterygia fenestrata

Pterygia glans

Pterygia nucea


Scabricola casta

Scabricola desetangsii

Scabricola limata

Scabricola variegata


Ziba fulgetrum

Ziba verrucosa

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Many thanks to Richard Salisbury, who helped out with the identification of several of these species.

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