What used to be conisdered the family Turridae is represented by numerous species in the Marshalls. In recent years, the old Turridae has been split into several different families. There are many species at Kwajalein and we do not yet have photos of all of them; more will be added when available. (Click on a thumbnail for pages of larger images.)


Etrema crassilabrum

Etrema scalarina

Lienardia giliberti

Lienardia cf marchei

Lienardia mighelsi

Lienardia roseotincta

Lienardia rubida

Lienardia cf vultuosa

Lienardia sp. 1

Lienardia sp. 2

Lienardia sp. 4

Lienardia sp. 5

Lienardia sp. 6


Clavus bilinearis

Clavus canalicularis

Clavus delphineae

Clavus exasperatus

Clavus laetus

Clavus cf laetus

Clavus lamberti

Clavus cf lamberti

Clavus pica

Clavus unizonalis

Clavus viduus

Clavus cf wilmeri

Clavus sp. 1

Clavus sp. 2

Clavus sp. 3

Clavus sp. 5

Decoradrillia pulchella

Plagiostropha opalus

Plagiostropha quintuplex


Carinapex cf minutissima

Carinapex sp. 1

Carinapex sp. 2

Carinapex sp. 4

Haedropleura pygmaea

Haedropleura sp. 1


Eucithara cf angela

Eucithara cf capillata

Eucithara harpellina

Eucithara stromboides

Eucithara cf stromboides

Eucithara sp. 1

Eucithara sp. 3

Eucithara sp. 5

Eucithara sp. 6

Eucithara sp. 7

Eucithara sp. 8

Eucithara sp. 9

Eucithara sp. 10

Eucithara sp. 11

Eucithara sp. 12

Eucithara sp. 13

Eucithara sp. 14

Macteola chinoi

Macteola segesta

Macteola sp. 1

Macteola sp. 2

Macteola sp. 4

Macteola sp. 6


Lovellona atramentosa

Mitromorpha alphonsiana

Mitromorpha flammulata

Mitromorpha cf flammulata


Naudedrillia sp. 1


Daphnella cf aureola

Daphnella flammea

Daphnella rissoides

Daphnella varicosa

Daphnella sp. 1

Diaugasma olyra

Hemilienardia apiculata

Hemilienardia goubini

Hemilienardia malleti

Hemilienardia ocellata

Hemilienardia thyridota

Hemilienardia sp. 1

Kermia barnardi

Kermia cf benhami

Kermia tessellata

Kermia sp. 3

Kermia sp. 4

Kermia sp. 5

Kermia sp. 6

Kermia sp. 7

Pseudodaphnella cf daedala

Pseudodaphnella cf excellens

Pseudodaphnella granicostata

Pseudodaphnella cf lineata

Pseudodaphnella nexa

Pseudodaphnella tincta

Pseudodaphnella sp. 1

Pseudodaphnella sp. 2

Tritonoturris cumingii

Tritonoturris menecharmes


Gemmula cosmoi

Lophiotoma abbreviata

Lophiotoma acuta

Lophiotoma albina

Lophiotoma cingulifera

Lophiotoma kingae

Lophiotoma sp. 1

Turridrupa albofasciata

Turridrupa astricta

Turridrupa bijubata

Turridrupa cerithina

Turridrupa jubata

Turridrupa sp. 1

Turris garnonsii

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